Mike and Tricia at
The Cardiff Arms


The Restoration of 'Gloria', a 1971 Austin Sprite

Story will be reposted shortly

Resources we’re using to help get Gloria back on the road:

 Hap Waldrop, ACME Speed Shop –  www.acmespeedshop.com
 Robert Kirk, Kirk’s Auto – www.kirks-auto.com
 Peter Caldwell, Worldwide Auto Parts– www.nosimport.com
 RMR Restoration – www.rmrrestorations.com
 Rivergate Restoration Products – www.rivergate5speed.com
 R & L Engines – www.rlengines.com
 MG Experience – www.mgexperience.net

Here is Gloria in December 2011. We've been busy!!


Here's a slideshow of various stages of the restoration.  Click on the little speech bubble at bottom left for text accompaniment!    



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